c-crest "Baby Cashmere" Knit Collection

Use of "real" baby cashmere
The classic is a really high quality piece


  • Use only fine and soft hair that can collect only 80-100g per cashmere goat less than 1 year old
  • You can wear it for a long time regardless of age and gender. Basic design
  • "Made in Japan" is handled by a factory with one of the leading technologies in Japan from spinning to knitting. Knits carefully made one by one


So-called "fast fashion" where you buy new low-priced clothes every season. Because it leads to waste of resources, more and more people buy things that are not influenced by fashion even if the prices are a little high and wear them for a long time.

The Baby Cashmere collection of the fashion label "c-crest" launched in the fall / winter 2021 season to provide such basic and high quality knit items. The feature is the material Made in Japan Manufacturing.

First of all, about the material. Cashmere fiber is the hair growth of "cashmere goat". Cashmere goats born in the frigid regions have very fine downy hair under normal hair to protect themselves from the cold, which is the soft cashmere fiber. The amount of hair produced by a female goat is only about 80-100g per goat.

As the name suggests, the knitwear in the Baby Cashmere collection Only the first hair (baby cashmere) that is cut from a baby cashmere goat under 12 months old is used. Normal cashmere can be collected as many times as you like, but baby cashmere is a very rare and special hair that can only be collected once by a goat.

Even for humans, baby hair is fluffy and soft, which is very different from that of adults. Similarly, baby goat hair is very thin and soft.

Says c-crest designer Yoshinobu Takeuchi.

The quality of cashmere is determined by the thickness of the fiber, and the thinner it is, the softer and better the quality of cashmere. Recently, I've seen more cashmere products, and it's not as rare as it used to be. Cashmere, which is used in mass-produced products, is a natural material, so the thickness of the fibers varies. If even a little thick fiber is mixed, the feel will be rougher, and even with the same "100% cashmere" sweateater, there will be a big difference in comfort.

In that respect, the Sweaters from the Baby Cashmere collection are Only those around 14 micron (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) (usually wool thickness is 19 to 24 micron, alpaca is 24 to 31 micron) are selected and collected, and it has a very soft touch like no other. realization doing.

[C-crest] Baby Cashmere Collection

<V-neck sweater>

A pullover of a solid middle gauge knitted fabric with two baby cashmere threads. The reduced eyes on the collar and raglan shoulders give a nostalgic impression.

You can enjoy a relaxed silhouette that is like a wind.

¥ 102,300

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<Knit long coat>

Ridge knit coat with luxurious baby cashmere. Although it is a generous knitted fabric, the knitting method has been devised so that it does not become heavy to wear.

The button uses a lacto button made from casein derived from milk. Since there is no lining, you can enjoy a relaxed natural style even though it is full of quality.

¥ 198,000

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<Large format knit stall>

A 12-gauge * large-format stole knitted with a woven fabric that allows you to enjoy the high-quality texture of baby cashmere. It is a warm and soft item. You can enjoy wearing it according to the temperature and style by wrapping it around your neck or hanging it over your shoulder.

* Gauge: A unit that expresses the density of knitting machine needles between 1 inch (2.54 cm). 12 gauge is relatively high density (high gauge).

¥ 107,800

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<Bottleneck sweater>

The point of the bottleneck of the design that continues from the body is that it looks a little worn out. The neckline and cuffs are casually reduced to create a natural silhouette.

We have tried to design and manufacture products that can be worn regardless of gender or age.

¥ 97,900

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<Round neck sweater>

A basic round neck pullover.

Finished with 12 gauge woven fabric.

The collar, hem, and cuffs are ribbed, which helps prevent slippage. It is a design and color that can be used regardless of gender or age.

¥ 97,900

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Behind the Scenes <Zeon Shoji [c-crest]>

Ageless and timeless. The classic is really high quality

"I think it's okay to make something that is loved only by people who like it, not something that is safe for masses that everyone can reach," says c-. Yoshinobu Takeuchi, a crest designer. ...

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