In Scotland, the sanctuary of golf
Experience the success and play of the players


AIG Women's Open Air Watch and St Andrews Muirfield Golf

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  • Watching the final day of the AIG Women's Open and playing on four courses such as Muirfield immediately after the tournament
  • Top Japanese players like Hinako Shibuno in 2019 AIG Women's Open, which is expected to win a prize.
  • A veteran tour operator will accompany you to the moment of excitement, and you will be taught various manners


Watching the final day of the AIG Women's Open

AIG Women's Open, where many Japanese players are expected to participate and the top prizes of Japanese players are expected. 2019 Hinako Shibuno Impressive moment like when he won the tournament. Please experience it.

Playing on a course flooded with applicants from all over the world

Scotland, England, which is said to be the birthplace of golf. In the summer of 2022, why not take a break from your daily routine and spend a memorable time visiting the golf sanctuaries that golf lovers will want to visit at least once.

Muirfield GC

Muirfield GC , which is also the venue for this AIG Women's Open, was founded in 1744 and is also known as the oldest golf club in the world. 16 A prestigious golf club with a track record of holding the British Open. Originally it was limited to male members, but since we accepted women as members in 2017, the women's major will be held for the first time in 2022.

Muirfield GC / 4th hole

② Kings Burns GL

With views of the Scottish North Sea from all holes on the coastline, this course attracts golf lovers.

Kings Burns GL

③ St Andrews Castle Course

Designed by

David Kidd , this course has won numerous global awards since its opening and is the world of choice for Golf Digest Magazine. This is the newest course in St Andrews, which is also listed in the Top 100 Courses .

St Andrews Castle Course / 6th Hole

④ St Andrews Old Course

The old course, which is the oldest golf course in the world , is the most prestigious course in St Andrews. Playing on this course with golf fans around the world is also said to be difficult to book.

St Andrews Old Course

⑤ St Andrews Jubilee Course

The longest course in St Andrews. It is the closest to St Andrews Bay and offers vast views. It is a very difficult course because it receives a unique sea breeze.

St Andrews Jubilee Course

In addition, veteran tour conductors will accompany you , so we will help you with various etiquette.

■ Hotel to be used

Edinburgh: Balmoral Hotel (2 nights)

(The hotel homepage is here )

St Andrews: Old Course Hotel / Eden side or Old Course side room (3 nights)

(The hotel homepage is here )

■ Planned airline

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, All Nippon Airways




Tour name

AIG Women's Open and St Andrews Muirfield Golf 8 days

Period August 6, 2022 (Sat) -August 13, 2022 (Sat)
Tour conductor Accompanying


  • Regarding cancellation after the arrangement contract, there is no contract cancellation or refund of the price.
  • We are not responsible for any delay, postponement, or cancellation of the tournament due to natural disasters such as bad weather or terrorism.