Wrap it around your neck and hang it on your shoulders and knees
Large-format stole that can be used until early spring

BE c-crest Baby Cashmere knit stall
BE c-crest Baby Cashmere knit stall
BE c-crest Baby Cashmere knit stall

BE c-crest Baby Cashmere knit stall

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A large-sized stole with 12 gauge * knitting that gives you a feeling of the high-quality texture of baby cashmere.

A warm and soft item.

* Gauge: A unit that expresses the density of knitting machine needles between 1 inch (2.54 cm). 12 gauge is relatively high density (high gauge).

You can enjoy wearing it according to the temperature and style by wrapping it around your neck or hanging it on your shoulder.

As a muffler to increase the volume of the neck * Sweater is sold separately

Sufficient to hang on your shoulder (model height 163 cm)

[c-crest] Baby Cashmere Collection

So-called "fast fashion" where you buy new low-priced clothes every season. Because it leads to waste of resources, more and more people buy things that are not influenced by fashion even if the prices are a little high and wear them for a long time.

The Baby Cashmere collection of the fashion label "c-crest" launched this year to provide such basic and high quality knit items. The feature is the material and the manufacturing of Made in Japan .

First, about the material. Cashmere fiber is the hair growth of "cashmere goat". Cashmere goats born in the frigid regions have very fine downy hair under normal hair to protect themselves from the cold, which is the soft cashmere fiber. The amount of hair produced by a female goat is only about 80-100g per goat.

Among them, the knits of the Baby Cashmere collection, as the name suggests, use only cashmere, which is the first hair cut from a baby cashmere goat under 12 months old. Normal cashmere can be collected as many times as you like, but baby cashmere is a very rare and special hair that can only be collected once by a goat.

Even for humans, baby's hair is fluffy and soft, which is very different from that of adults. Similarly, baby goat hair is very thin and soft.

is c-crest designer Yoshinobu Takeuchi.

The quality of cashmere is determined by the thickness of the fiber, and the thinner it is, the softer and better the quality of cashmere. Recently, we have seen more and more cashmere products, and it is not as rare as before, but Cashmere used in mass-produced products is a natural material, so the fiber is thick. It seems to be different. If even a little thick fiber is mixed, the feel will be rougher, and even with the same "100% cashmere" sweateater, there will be a big difference in comfort.

In that respect, the Baby Cashmere collection sweaters are only around 14 micron (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) (usually wool thickness is 19 to 24 micron, alpaca is 24 to 31 micron). ) Are selected and collected to achieve a very soft touch that cannot be found anywhere else.

Behind the Scenes

Ageless and timeless. The classic is really high quality

"I think it's okay to make something that is loved only by people who like it, not something that is safe for masses that everyone can reach." Is c-crest designer Yoshinobu Takeuchi. ...

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Distributor Zeon Shoji Co., Ltd.
Product name Mère Marie
Country of origin Japan
Material Cashmere 100%
This product is unisex.
Delivery schedule Zeon Shoji Co., Ltd. will ship your order within 5 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) This product is free of charge.

○ About care such as dimensions and washing of each part

・ Dimensions of each part

Size Free
Vertical 194cm
Horizontal 68cm

・ Care such as washing

Additional display of laundry name

・ Please use a neutral detergent. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent agents.

・ Gently press and wash.

・ Please use a towel to dehydrate or centrifuge for 1 minute.

・ Please shape and dry.

-Please use a cloth for ironing.

・ When cleaning, put it in the net and wash it. We recommend static drying.

・ Be careful of excessive friction, catching, and pulling.

・ Friction may cause pilling or fluffing.

Attention tag content

-Due to the characteristics of the material, fibers are pulled out due to friction during wearing. There may be pills on the surface. Remove it with scissors or a fabric shaver so as not to damage the fabric.

-Since this product uses delicate materials, avoid excessive friction, catching, and pulling, and handle with care. Please pull it inward without cutting the hook.


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