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A sake set that makes your heart colorful

<輝き> 徳利:8.5×8.5×11.3cm 盃:5.5×5.5×5.1cm
中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<輝き> 徳利:8.5×8.5×11.3cm
中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<輝き> 盃(ペア):5.5×5.5×5.1cm
中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<輝き> 徳利:8.5×8.5×11.3cm 盃:5.5×5.5×5.1cm<br>中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<輝き> 徳利:8.5×8.5×11.3cm<br>中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
<輝き> 盃(ペア):5.5×5.5×5.1cm<br>中村 元風さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ

Motokaze Nakamura Tokkuri / Cup "Shining"

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  • A work by Motokaze Nakamura, a contemporary artist who is highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas.・ Sake set that you can enjoy colors


Mr. Motokaze Nakamura is a contemporary artist, based on the tradition of Kutani ware, which has been handed down to the viewer. I am creating works that bring positive fluctuations to my heart.

" I want to create a material that no one has ever seen in human history ", says Mr. Nakamura, who sells materials that can embody his own image as a work. Since it has not been done, is proceeding with its own research and development of glaze . The accuracy is thoroughly adjusted in units of 1 / 100,000 grams (0.00001 grams) for color mixing and in units of 1 degree for firing temperature.

The features of his work are three-dimensional effect, textured luster and color. Rather than blending in with the surrounding environment, it can be expressed as art to insist on its existence.

Please enjoy the brilliance created by repeated trial and error.

The existence that shines with color exudes from the inside to the outside and covers the whole.

There is no correct answer in the interpretation of the

pattern, leaving room for people to interpret the sky with clouds, the rippling sea, etc. . I think that the room is a big factor for the owner to make the work his own.

All colors are glazed three times and baked repeatedly to create a three-dimensional excitement, so when you hold it in your hand, you can feel the continuity of the convex surface, not only the eyes but also . We aimed to be where you can feel the charm even with your hands.

I saw the sake cup not only as a tool for drinking sake, but also as an entity that can interact with sake as a medium.

Since I am also a partner who has an intimate act of touching and putting on my mouth, I assembled the ideal thickness, angle, texture and three-dimensional effect of my mouth.

Behind the Scenes

Mr. Nakamura, who grew up in a fishing village in Ishikawa prefecture, which is rich in nature, became interested in life from an early age. Although he engages in biology at university and ecology at graduate school ...

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Distributor Motokaze Nakamura
Title of work Shine
Size Tokkuri: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 11.3cm
Cup: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 5.1cm
Shipping schedule We will contact you separately.
Genfu Nakamura will send it directly to the address registered at the time of purchase.
Shipping fee (tax included) Nationwide uniform 2,000 yen
* Shipping to overseas is not possible.
Warranty If the work is damaged such as cracked after delivery, we may be able to accept repairs by kintsugi depending on the condition.


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