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Only 3 double faces in Japan



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  • One that was the representative "face" of the complication model (complex watch) in the early days of Franck Muller
  • Nine were imported and sold in Japan in the past. Only, of which 4N (champagne gold) is only 3 and is a rare one
  • Up to 2100, a paper tulle calendar that does not require adjustment and various mechanisms are incorporated, and among the complication models Complex one


Only 3 rare models & colors in Japan

Typical of the complication model (complication clock) in the early days of Franck Muller in 1992 " face " The model that was. this" 7000QP DF Is a more complicated double-face model, just before the end of production. 1994 Manufactured in the year.

This product " 7000 QP DF " teeth, Only imported and sold in Japan in the past 9 Book. Of which 4N ( Champagne Gold ) teeth 3 Books only It is a very rare model.

What is a complication model? Watches packed with advanced technology That. This model has a perpetual calendar (perpetual calendar), a chronograph (stopwatch function), and a double face. 3 Two different mechanisms are combined into one, unmistakable, typical of early Franck Muller. Complication watch is.

Uncensored paper tulle calendar until 2100

The "world" built in here 3 A perpetual calendar that is said to be a "large complexity mechanism". Perpetual means "forever".

This clock automatically calculates the number of days depending on the month, as well as the leap year. Accurate date uncensored until 2100 Will tell you.

Since various mechanisms are incorporated in this way, it takes more time and skill to produce than other complication models.

In the case of mechanical watches, it takes a considerable number of parts and time to assemble for one function. In addition, in order to combine them and make them function as a single watch at the same time, design and meticulous verification for that purpose are required.


The dial, which tells the complexity of the internal system, is

12 Chronograph (stopwatch function) at the hour position 30 Minute totalizer

3 Calendar day at the hour position

6 Month and year at the time position (( French ) display

9 Date at time position

Its symmetric dial layout is designed to be precise yet perfectly balanced.

Three different types of measuring instruments on one dial

And, as the name of "double face", this model with two faces. Where is the second dial? In fact, there is another dial on the back of the complicated front dial.


TELEMETRE (rangefinder) ) / TACHYMETER ( Speedometer ) / PULS METER ( Heart rate monitor ) All three different types of measuring instruments are integrated on one board.

It is a design that pursues the rationality of combining what was only separate watches in history into one individual and the different charms of complex watches at once. The unique mechanism was realized by a novel idea of operating both sides with a single shaft that penetrates the center.

The combination of a three-tone white dial and blue steel hands in a champagne gold case exudes the ultimate in beauty and dignity.


Works before the establishment of the brand, with a small number of production

This was made 1994 At the time of the year, the current " FRANCK MULLER WATCHLAND Instead, it was made in a small workshop before that, and it was made only by Franck Muller and a few other watchmakers.

Therefore, the total production volume is small, and one model can be used. Very few annual productions was.

In the same perpetual chronograph in 1994, " Ref : 7000 QPE " This model has been discontinued due to the appearance of a new design model, but this next model will be a long-selling model. 15 Since it was made for more than a year, there are also production numbers, so here " 7000QPDF " The rarity of is outstanding.

The manager of Franck Muller Watchland Gallery asked about the universal appeal of this work.

These early Franck Muller works are extremely rare and valuable, inevitably competing on the market. It is a work with a unique atmosphere that the current model does not have, and at first glance it is different from the current "FRANCK MULLER".

I think you can feel the joy of wearing Frank's early model, which people do not know.

And the condition is also excellent, probably because the frequency of use until then was extremely low. 27 Even now, after many years, the beauty of what looks like a new product is as if you were sleeping in a time capsule.

Fully maintained at a regular store, with a certified warranty

This has the same technology and knowledge as Switzerland By a professional engineer Full maintenance Will be given.

The case does not drip due to scratches, the three-tone dial and blue steel do not change over time, and it is still glossy. The movement is in good condition, and we are doing thorough maintenance this time.


Also, regular certified used guarantee (warranty), genuine BOX Of course, all other accessories are included, and this certified used watch is 1 year free warranty period Is attached.

Even after the free warranty period has expired, you will still be able to use all other official domestic maintenance services, including overhauls.




PAW Warranty, Instruction Manual, BOX
Distributor World Trading Co., Ltd.
Product name 7000QPDF 4N White Made in 1994 Perpetual Calendar Double Face Chronograph
Year 1994
Material 18K champagne gold
movement self-winding
dial color white three-tone dial
Size Diameter: 39mm, Length: 48mm, Belt Width: 20mm
Belt Brown Crocodile Strap (You can choose the color of the belt)
Waterproof Daily life waterproof


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