0.001% of total yield
Only 88 pieces sold in Japan

MGO1288+ スペシャルボックス
MGO1288+ スペシャルボックス
MGO1288+ スペシャルボックス
マスター・ビーキーパー(養蜂家)の デイヴィッド・キャンベル氏
Manuka Honey MGO 1288+
Manuka Honey MGO 1288+
MGO1288+ スペシャルボックス
MGO1288+ スペシャルボックス
MGO1288+ スペシャルボックス
マスター・ビーキーパー(養蜂家)の デイヴィッド・キャンベル氏

Manuka Honey MGO 1288+

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  • Only 88 in Japan! Manuka Honey MGO1288 +
  • Rich in Special Natural Ingredients "MGO (Food Methylglyoxal)" is a special natural ingredient that is rarely found in other honeys.
  • Quality Assurance with a serial number for each bottle. Delivered in a special box


* By Emotion is an authorized retailer of Manuka Health.

Manuka honey is said to be always available for building a body that is resistant to viruses.

The manuka honey contains MGO (methylglyoxal), which is said to have a bactericidal action, and it is said that the higher the value of MGO, the higher the effect. increase.

MGO starts from 30 +, and usually we see at most 550 +.

That's more than double that 1288 + . Manuka honey of such high grade is invaluable and is only 0.001% of Manuka Health's total annual yield. According to the MGO value, production is only 1288 pieces in the world. Among them, 88 are limited sale in Japan.

Jewelry box-like package with serial number

It is packed in a special glass bottle for

, and each bottle is marked with a real number to guarantee the quality .

The luxurious gift box that makes you want to decorate the whole box is accompanied by a gift car, a certificate of origin, a booklet, and a rose gold spoon, and he is a master beekeeper. Also marked by David Campbell's signature.

A special manuka honey carefully collected by a master beekeeper from a special manuka habitat on the untouched North Island of New Zealand, a single origin with a limited harvest location.

Furthermore, was naturally aged for 18 months after harvesting, and was completed by New Zealand's wilderness and skilled craftsmanship. "The pinnacle of Manuka honey" is rich and smooth taste .


New Zealanders' regular items. Manuka honey for Japanese people

Manuka Honey asked Jessica Tisch, New Zealand's Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Economy Promotion Agency, what it means to the people of New Zealand.

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(Reference) Manuka Health Co., Ltd. Safety of Manuka Honey



  • Q: I don't know how to open it.
    A: You can open it by pulling the front side toward you. Please note that the product will not come out even if you pull the top surface up.


Manufacturer Manuka Health (New Zealand)
Product name Manuka Health PINNACLE HARVEST Manuka Honey MGO1288 + / UMF26 +
Contents 250g * 250g is about one month's worth with one spoon a day
Raw material name Honey from New Zealand
Country of origin New Zealand
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Shipping Schedule We will ship within 7 business days after your order, excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Free shipping
Notes ・ Honey Due to the characteristics of the product, it is not sterilized by heating, so please do not give it to babies under 1 year old.
・ Honey is a natural product and may crystallize white or may vary in color depending on the product, but there is no problem with the quality.


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