Kanazawa's famous storehouse challenge, the oldest in the world
Rich flavor that has passed three generations

Fukumitsuya 50-year-old sake "Momotosei 1970"
Fukumitsuya 50-year-old sake "Momotosei 1970"

Fukumitsuya 50-year-old sake "Momotosei 1970"

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  • Kanazawa's famous sake brewery, which has been working on sake culture since the 1950s, is the oldest in the world that can only be made by Fukumitsuya. Kanazawa and Ishikawa's materials, designs, and techniques are reflected in bottles, mouth seals, and boxes. Available online only by By Emotion Exclusive


There is a genre of sake called "long-term aged sake". Perhaps no one has ever drank in this area, which is less familiar than wine or whiskey. Long-term aged sake with an aging period of 50 years Exists. This was released by Fukumitsuya in Kanazawa. Limited production and sale of 100 pieces "Momotose 1970" Will be one that opens up a new culture of sake.

Long-term aged sake that enhances the value of sake

Taichiro Fukumitsu, Managing Director of Fukumitsuya Co., Ltd., says, "Increasing the value of sake is an issue." Among alcoholic beverages, Japanese sake brewing is It is said to be particularly difficult because there are many factors that affect the taste in the manufacturing process. The raw materials for sake are relatively diverse, such as rice, water, jiuqu, and sake mother, but if the raw materials are the same, the taste will not necessarily be the same, and the function of the microorganisms called brewing will be the point, so Mr. Mori and the brewers involved. The environment of the brewery also directly affects the taste.

Taichiro Fukumitsu

Mr. Fukumitsu feels that it is hard to say that the value of sake, which takes time and effort to make, is recognized in the market compared to other sake such as wine and whiskey. Then, "Hundreds of climbs 1970 "" Has a challenging price setting that has never been seen before in sake. of course, Rarity and taste comparable to wines and whiskeys in the same price range , And Mr. Fukumitsu are confident.

History and manufacturing method of long-term aged sake

In 1959, I was skeptical that sake at that time did not have the concept of "aging". 12 Fukumitsuya started research on long-term aged sake by the head of the family. Visiting European wine regions "Aging" supports sake culture Because I realized that 1969 Strategically developed a number of brewing methods and aging methods, starting with the release of "Three Years Aged Fukumasa Mune Old" in the year. Until now, many types of long-term aged sake and techniques have been treasures of Fukumitsuya.

Fukumitsuya long-term aged sake "Momotosei" series

How to ripen sake 2 There are two, one is "light ripening" due to constant temperature in the low temperature zone, and the other is "dense ripening" that is aged by seasonal temperature changes. This time, "Hundreds of Ascension 1970 "Is a rich type. It is slowly aged as the four seasons of Kanazawa change, but the reason why sake can withstand such a long time is because it is made from pure rice, which is prepared only with rice and water.

By the way, "Hundreds of climbs 1970 The degree of rice polishing 70 %, Because it will not mature if it is further polished. Sake made in 1970 is finally bottled after three generations of Heisei and Reiwa. Isn't that a romantic story?

Challenge of long-established store Fukumitsuya

The amber-colored "Hundreds of Ascension" poured into the glass 1970 If you put a little "" in your mouth, it will fill your mouth with a savory aroma that is different from any alcohol you have ever drank. I had imagined a slightly more "deep" taste, but that wasn't the case. 50 It's so fresh that you can't think of it as a sake brewed a year ago.

If this is the case, it will be a great success as a sake during meals, and Mr. Fukumitsu told me that it goes well with sushi. Of course, it is also recommended to enjoy the aroma quietly after meals and taste it little by little, so you can spend the most abundant time.

Brandy glass is suitable for enjoying the rising scent

If you don't sell sake, you can't make money, and you have to pay for the sake rice you buy. And long-term aging also involves quality uncertainties. Swallow such many risks Fukumitsuya's challenge to create a sake culture However, we are now trying to open up a new horizon. This "hundreds of climbs 1970 If it sells, that's fine, but it's not the one that will be the starting line for creating the future sake culture and market.

Behind the Scenes <Fukumitsuya>

Mizuho's national sake, a long-established store that bears the culture of sake continues to challenge

Fukumitsuya, a long-established store in Kanazawa, will release the world's oldest long-term aged sake "Momotose 1970" with an aging period of 50 years in 2021 only for sales channels. Fukumitsuya's sake brewing is a series of challenges that go beyond long-term aged sake efforts.

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○ "Momotosei 1970" uses materials, techniques, and designs from Kanazawa and Ishikawa everywhere, not just alcohol.


Skilled glass craftsmen use potash crystal bottles that are handmade one by one.

The "Hundred Tosei" logo is carefully engraved one by one.

・ Mouth seal

Kaga Futamata Japanese paper, which has a history of 1300 years, is used for the mouthpiece as the paper for the Kaga domain.

The decoration of the mouth seal is Kaga Mizuhiki, which uses pure white silk-wrapped Mizuhiki to imitate flowers.


Kanazawa foil is applied to the inside of the box made of hinoki cypress from Ishikawa prefecture.



Distributor Fukumitsuya Co., Ltd.
Product name t7>
Materials / Raw Materials Rice (domestic), Rice Koji (domestic rice)
Capacity 720ml
Alcohol content 17 degrees
Rice polishing rate 70%
Rice used Gohyakumangoku (produced in Ishikawa Prefecture)
Sake degree -2
Acidity 2.9
Storage Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Shipping schedule It will be delivered within 3 weeks after your order.
Delivery method

Fukumitsuya Co., Ltd. will deliver at room temperature.
Shipping fee: Included in the item price.

* A special wooden box made of Ishikawa-produced Hinoki and Kanazawa foil is wrapped in a paper case and tightly packed in a shipping box.

Name on the case The desired alphabet will be laser-engraved on the table of the cypress case (below the "1970" stamp). If you wish, please enter it in the "Request for order" field that is displayed after adding it to the cart on the purchase page that will be announced after making an inquiry. In addition, the shipping schedule when entering the name will be within one month after ordering.


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