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The last masterpiece before the brand was established



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  • The last work that Franck Muller made as an independent watchmaker before the establishment of his own brand
  • Muller worked on the whole process by himself, and there are only 11 pieces in the world. Rare model
  • A mechanical complex watch that incorporates various technologies, the predecessor work of Muller's masterpiece, the double face


History of a young genius watchmaker

A young man who was called a "genius watchmaker" at a young age. The world was amazed at the world's first original mechanical wristwatches created from his hands.

He is the founder of "FRANCK MULLER GENEVE", who is now known as a leading brand in the watch world.

Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which is famous for the watch industry, Franck Muller was fascinated by watches and how they work. ..

At the Geneva Watch School, it is said that in just one year, the credits that should be taken in three years were acquired, many awards for excellence including the highest award were given, and many production requests had already been gathered in the twenties. ..


11 in the world, a masterpiece of complete haute couture

Franck Muller, who was attracting attention from the watch industry as such a young genius, made his last work "FRANCK GENEVE JANUS" when he was an independent watchmaker

This work, produced by Franck Muller with only 1 people in all processes, is a complete haute couture wristwatch with only 11 pieces in the world.

Franck Muller We asked the manager of his Watchland Gallery about the reason for the number of productions.

In 1991, when this work was produced, it was already decided to establish a watch brand with its own name, but in order to meet the orders from customers so far, a tentative plan was made. One day, he was able to miraculously obtain a dozen unused old stock movements made in the early 20th century, about 100 years ago, in lots.

Frank created the same 11-piece model of the limits that the movement could produce.


The production period of the clock varies depending on the work and function, but you have to assemble and adjust them while creating your own parts at the same time.

Therefore, if 1 people make a work like JANUS, it will take at least 3 months to to complete 1 pieces. It is believed that> 5 months were needed.

Then, in order to develop a new mechanism and create a complication watch (complication watch) that integrates these multiple functions, first research and design 16 months ~ It is said that some of them spent 24 months.


The essence of a bold, delicate, mechanical complex watch

Mr. Franck Muller, who has been sending out the world's first mechanical complex wristwatches that no one has ever seen since that time.

The JANUS , which has both precision and delicacy and has a profound appearance, incorporates various technologies that can be said to be the prelude to the subsequent watch brand "FRANCK MULLER GENEVE". ..

This model, which has only "FRANCK" and "GENEVE" written on the dial, which is also a feature of the works of the independent watchmaker era, has greatly remodeled the movement of the monopusher type chronograph and is a world timer. Adding features

The 24-hour display disc on the dial incorporates a "Louis Cotier" type system that rotates over time, and by rotating the bezel engraved with the cities of the world, each country instantly It has a function to know the current time of. Furthermore, it is a double face watch with a dial on both sides.

The manager who talks about



"FRANCK MULLER" is written on the dial on the back side, and "JANUS" is written on the lower side, and the name of this work is written. "JANUS" is the guardian deity of the gate in Roman mythology and the god of the beginning of things.

It has the meaning of a double-faced god with faces facing opposite to the front and back of the head, and is the predecessor of the double face, which is the masterpiece of Mr. Franck Muller later.


JANUS, the last work of an independent watchmaker on the eve of the brand's establishment, is exactly the last haute couture watch produced by Franck Muller.

Creation for "time suitable for me"

Now, in terms of checking the time, smartphones and smart watches can be used instead. The role and value of wristwatches as "wearing companions" may have changed little by little with the times.

However, the manager talks about the universal value of this work, which is not limited to function and modeling beauty even in such an era.

In this work, Franck Muller, the founder of FRANCK MULLER GENEVE, which has become a big name as a watch brand, enjoys his pleasure of owning his early work. I would like to have it.


Mr. Franck Muller always pursues the creation of "time suitable for himself".

His gem, which is far beyond imagination and packed with overwhelming passion for watches, goes beyond the role of a wristwatch and ticks "irreplaceable time" in your blissful time. You'll be snuggling up gently.

Fully maintained at a regular store, with a certified warranty

This is full maintenance by a professional engineer who has the same technology and knowledge as Switzerland. Therefore, this work has been sublimated to the same quality as a new one.


In addition, the genuine certified used guarantee (warranty), genuine BOX , and other accessories are all included, and this certified used watch is 1. It comes with a one-year free warranty period .

Even after the free warranty period has expired, you can use all other domestic regular maintenance services including overhaul





Distributor World Trading Co., Ltd.
Year 1991
Material 18K Champagne Gold
Movement Manual winding
Dial color Silver Roman index
Size 39mm diameter, belt width: 20mm
Belt Crocodile strap (color can be selected)
Waterproof Daily life waterproof
Accessories PAW warranty card, instruction manual, BOX


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