Hand-painted fine drawing without gaps
Art piece in life

米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
径71×高さ72mm<br>米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
径71×高さ72mm<br>米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
径71×高さ72mm<br>米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ
径71×高さ72mm<br>米久 和彦さんの作品をオンライン購入できるのはBy Emotionだけ

Yoneku Kiln Red Net Kinrande Chintz Komon Jewel

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  • Kutani ware "Aka-e" that can only be drawn by about 20 people
  • Made to order by Kazuhiko Inoue, who has a track record of over 30 years
  • For living rooms and study. Small and strong art


I want to make the best thing I can do at this moment, and I have to keep making it. , I made this work.

The title of the work is "Red Net Kinrande Chintz Komon Jewel".

A vessel with a height and diameter of about 7 cm has fine patterns drawn without gaps , and it is an unbelievable work created by human hands.

This work has a strong presence even though it is small.

By Emotion As a limited edition product, we asked Kazuhiko Yonehisa, a writer who has been in production for 30 years, to produce it.

Rare technique, Kutani ware "Aka-e"

The history of Kutani ware can be traced back to the early Edo period. Above all, the history of aka-e, whose style is red and gold, is relatively new, and it started in the late Edo period.

At the height of the Meiji era, 200 ~ 300 craftsmen engaged in red painting, but now it has decreased to just under 20 . And that.

Mr. Yonehisa, who inherits the technique of red painting to the present age, celebrated the 30 anniversary of production in 2020. I drew the original Sarasa Komon.

Mr. Yonehisa describes what is necessary to create a work as "mental" and "physical strength to keep sitting". Since the mental state is revealed in the brush stroke and the same color as yesterday will never appear, the works will naturally be .

All works are hand-painted

The paint used is original. A glass component is added to the red shell to give it iron rust and luster.

Red paint is born by rubbing every day

The paintbrush cannot draw a pattern if the hair is new.

Used for 3 years in the sketch, put scissors when the oil is drained and leave only the core, and by cleaning 10 ~ 15 The year is said to be usable.

Paintbrushes with slightly different fineness

Red is the color used in the congratulations scene, and the motif of the work also represents auspiciousness.

Mr. Yonehisa says, "I want you to put in important things and have fun in your daily life."

Art piece in your life

* Currently, Kazuhiko Inoue's works cannot be purchased on the Internet except by Emotion.

[Profile] Kazuhiko Yonekyu

Born in 1968 in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture (formerly Neagarimachi). After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, Department of Fine Arts (oil painting), he completed the Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani Yaki Technical Training Institute specialized course. He launched the "Yoneku Kiln" in 1996 and entered his self-employed path.

Since 2001, he has held solo exhibitions at department stores and galleries all over Japan. In 2010 and 2011, participated in the table coordination of "Feast of the Four Seasons, Flowers and Vessels" held at The Westin Tokyo "Mai". In 2013, former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori donated his work to President Putin during his visit to Russia. He is also active in a wide range of activities such as exhibiting at the autumn event "Aya no Aki" in the former Iwasaki Mansion Garden in Ueno, Tokyo.



Manufacturer Yoneku Kiln
Product name Red net Kinrande Chintz Komon Jewel
Size Diameter 71mm x Height 72mm
Delivery time 6 months later
Delivery method After completion, By Emotion will deliver it in a paulownia box. * Shipping fee: 1,100 yen (tax included) will be charged nationwide.
Others If this work is damaged such as cracked after delivery, repair by kintsugi will be charged (we will quote separately) depending on the condition. Is possible. Please contact SoGoo Co., Ltd.


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