Company Profile

Company name SoGoo Co., Ltd.
SoGoo = "Encounter with So Good things / things"
We connect value creators and users, and live a richer life for users. We will create discoveries that lead to new encounters with new fans.
Officer Representative Director Yoshiaki Sakauchi
Director Yukinobu Ozaki (Lawyer / Former Vice Chairman of Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Capital 40 million yen
Business content
  1. Planning, development, production, operation and management of EC sites and auction sites
  2. Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, management of original products and their outsourcing
  3. Secondhand dealer based on the Secondhand Business Law
  4. Marketing planning, operation, management, and consulting services for them
  5. Advertising, advertising planning, production and advertising agency business
Headquarters location Jules A 3F, 1-10-10 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
History Established in March 2020
June 2020 Moved the head office from Ebisu to Azabujuban