Because it is high quality cashmere
A vivid and playful piece

c-crest cashmere neck sweater
c-crest cashmere neck sweater

c-crest cashmere neck sweater

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Cashmere knits with a basic design are also made by other companies.

Just as the wealthy merchants of the Edo period spent money on the lining of clothes, people with high fashion sensitivity are particular about play clothes. "Claris" has a good sense of humor (= Playful).

C-crest designer Yoshinobu Takeuchi says. This Playful is one of the design concepts of c-crest.

This brightly colored sweater was realized with "E-FILU processing ", a unique technology of "Toyobo", which was the first in Japan to spin cashmere. To dye a vibrant color, the fibers need to be bleached, which damages the fibers. "E-FILU processing" is a technology that restores the original texture by reviving the fibers from this damage. As a result, it has become possible to dye with vivid colors while maintaining the original texture of .

Cashmere is said to be a "gem of fiber" because it has fine hair, high density but lightness, warmth and softness, and an elegant luster.

This time, By Emotion introduces the model "Fils Raphaël" with bright yellow from the Claris collection. Please enjoy the luxury of playing with jewel-like materials.

Behind the Scenes

Ageless and timeless. The classic is really high quality

"I think it's okay to make something that is loved only by people who like it, not something that is safe for masses that everyone can reach." Is c-crest designer Yoshinobu Takeuchi. ...

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Distributor Zeon Shoji Co., Ltd.
Product name Fils Raphaël
Country of origin Japan
Material Cashmere 100%

This product is unisex.

Product size 38 corresponds to Ladies M / Men's S, and size 40 corresponds to Ladies L / Men's M.

Delivery schedule Zeon Shoji Co., Ltd. will ship your order within 5 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
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○ Style explanation ・ Dimensions of each part ・ Care such as washing

① Color crew neck sweater

・ Style explanation

The body has a light 12 gauge, and the cuffs and hem have a middle gauge rib with a crafty change knitted fabric to express a slightly nostalgic taste. The overall image is boyish, but the details such as the double-tailored collar give it a cute finish.

・ Dimensions of each part

Size (cm) 38 40
① Length 61 63
② Width 49 51
③ Shoulder width 38 39
④ Sleeve length 57 59
⑤ Armhole 21 22
⑥ Cuff width 9.5 10
⑦ Hem width 44 46

・ Care such as washing

Additional display of laundry name

-Use a neutral detergent. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent agents.

・ Gently press and wash.

・ Please use a towel to dehydrate or centrifuge for 1 minute.

・ Please shape and dry.

・ Please use a cloth for ironing.

・ When cleaning, put it in the net and wash it. We recommend static drying.

・ Be careful of excessive friction, catching, and pulling.

・ Friction may cause pilling or fluffing.

Attention tag content

-Due to the characteristics of the material, fibers are pulled out due to friction during wearing. There may be pills on the surface. Remove it with scissors or a fabric shaver so as not to damage the fabric.

-Since this product uses delicate materials, avoid excessive friction, catching, and pulling, and handle with care. Please pull it inward without cutting the hook.


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