Beautiful sense of unity of stones, moss and pinus parviflora
In fact, an introduction to bonsai that is easy to grow

高さ 約18cm 幅 約12cm
高さ 約18cm 幅 約12cm
【別売り】受皿(3Lサイズ) 全3色
高さ 約18cm 幅 約12cm
高さ 約18cm 幅 約12cm
【別売り】受皿(3Lサイズ) 全3色

Ishiki Hana, Pinus parviflora with stones

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  • Durable and easy-to-grow, endemic Japanese species
  • Palm-sized next-generation bonsai suitable for viewing
  • From plant cultivation to vessel production All processes are manual


This is the traditional beauty of Japan. Beautiful appearance of stones, moss and pinus parviflora

The clogged condition is good, and the neat and impressive leaf shape is the first-class five-leaf pine.

Because it is a beautiful silver-green leaf that is endemic to Japan, it is called " japanese white pine " in Europe and the United States and is popular with lovers. I am.

Pinus parviflora, which is one of the symbolic tree species of bonsai, seems to be difficult to manage, but It is said that it grows slowly and is actually very easy to grow . increase. Therefore, it is also recommended for beginners as an introduction to pine bonsai. It is a tree species that is popular in the world of bonsai because of its relatively strong and easy-to-use, fearless and powerful appearance.

Pinus parviflora with stones that is easy to grow but strong

The adorable wavy branches make you feel the vitality of the plant and the unique beauty of a work of art.

and "Water stone", a natural pot made by hollowing out a porous rock , has a strong natural texture and a soft impression. It's attractive.

Please thoroughly enjoy the beautiful and dignified appearance of Japanese traditional Japanese pinus parviflora.

From the left ①, ② (The color and size of the stones are different)

Plants are grown for at least 5 years, and the vessels are also handmade in our own kiln

"Ishiki Hana" (Sekibokka) grows bonsai that fits in the palm of your hand from seeds in Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture, which is rich in nature. The plants that grow from the small vessels make you feel the strength and beauty of nature and the sparkle of life.

And the shape of Ishiki Hana All processes are done by hand .

Sow seeds, grow with love, wait for growth, It takes at least 5 years to become a product, and 10 years at the longest . With generous time and love, one life will finally sprout.

Hana Ishiki spends a lot of time and love on one work

And We are particular about making pots and saucers by hand in our own kiln . Mr. Goto of Ishiki Hana says, "It is important to leave the heat of manufacturing in the vessel."

By leaving a slight distortion that can never be produced in mass production , it fits nicely when combined with plants and gives the appearance of a single work. ..

Handmade pots and saucers one by one in our own kiln

A calm time to spend with plants to give to loved ones

As a special gift for your loved one, how about a powerful and beautiful pinus parviflora with stones?

"Pink" and "Indigo" are available for gift wrapping.

Why don't you open the box and give a calm time to spend with the plants while seeing the surprised partner.

You can choose from two types of gift wrapping, "pink" and "indigo"

How to grow Pinus parviflora

Click here for "How to grow Pinus parviflora"

Click here for "Detailed care of Pinus parviflora"

Behind the Scenes

I want you to feel the connection with nature
The breath of nature in a small vessel

Ishiki Hana is a cute bonsai that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The plants that grow from a vessel about 5 cm in diameter are gentle, dignified and beautiful, sometimes strong, and make you feel the breath of nature and notice the change of the four seasons ...

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Distributor Ishiki Hana Co., Ltd.
Product name Goyomatsu with stone
Size Height approx. 18 cm Width approx. 12 cm
  • Outdoor Case

Basically, outdoor management is recommended. The soft breeze and gentle rain will refresh the plants. Please note that the sun is strong and it causes dryness in summer.

  • Indoor

When managing indoors, it is important to ensure ventilation. Will be. Avoid places where the air conditioner blows directly. It becomes unevenly dry and the plants are damaged. Occasionally, if you expose it to the outside air or rain, the plants will be refreshed and grow well.


"Give plenty of water when it gets dry" is the basic. The standard for watering is once a day in spring and autumn, twice a day in the morning and evening in summer, and once every two to three days in winter. How to dry depends on the environment and condition, so observe carefully and adjust.

In addition, leaf water in hot weather is effective in preventing the leaves from drying out and maintaining good health. It is recommended to give it by spraying in the morning or evening.

How to grow

Click here for how to grow Pinus parviflora

Detailed care of Pinus parviflora

Gift wrapping

We will correspond for 550 yen (tax included).

There are two types of wrapping, "pink" and "indigo".

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  • Due to the characteristics of plants, there may be some pain or discoloration on the leaves, branches, stems, etc.
  • We have carefully packed the plants so as not to put a burden on them, but some pain or tilt may occur during delivery. So thank you in advance for your understanding.


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