For all things
Someone's feelings are included.

my Emotion vol.4
Norifumi Adachi

By Emotion asks connoisseurs about things that move their feelings
"my Emotion".

4th times, Dentsu Inc.

Mr. Norifumi Adachi, Executive Officer.


Everything is made by someone.

It's a matter of course when you think about it, but

I live without being aware of this every day.

Things that are made in thousands every day at the factory

Things that craftsmen create over the years through collaboration with the power of nature

Although there is a difference in the concentration, someone is making it with all their thoughts,

I don't think the essence of

will change.

Now, an unimaginable tragedy is happening in his land.

If everyone can really love and think of someone,

The killing of war will surely disappear from the world.

I'm sure John Lennon said so.

Just as I love people, I want to cherish the feelings of the people who make them.

You won't meet and talk to that person in person.

However, when I come across something with a lot of thought,

Feeling the bond of having a conversation with the creator,

I'm dying to be happy.

Everything has someone's feelings in it.

By Emotion. A place where people who make and get people can connect with each other.

There are many things with strong feelings here.


Norifumi Adachi

Dentsu Inc. Executive Officer (in charge of business production)

Tokyo Copywriter Club member

After working as the director of the Creative Bureau of Dentsu Inc. and the executive officer of Dentsu Digital Inc., he is in his current position.

Norifumi Adachi's "my Emotion"

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