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A gentle fit that fits barefoot

By Emotion限定カラーのゴールド、シルバー
By Emotion限定カラーのゴールド、シルバー
By Emotion限定カラーのゴールド、シルバー
【By Emotion限定カラー】シルバー
左:レディースサイズ(約23~24cm) 右:メンズサイズ(約26~27cm)
【By Emotion限定カラー】ゴールド
左:レディースサイズ(約23~24cm) 右:メンズサイズ(約26~27cm)
By Emotion限定カラーのゴールド、シルバー
ラグジュアリーホテルやハイクラス旅館でも採用<br>By Emotion限定カラーのゴールド、シルバー
By Emotion限定カラーのゴールド、シルバー
ツヤ感のある柔らかい革のスムースレザー<br>【By Emotion限定カラー】シルバー<br>左:レディースサイズ(約23~24cm) 右:メンズサイズ(約26~27cm)
ツヤ感のある柔らかい革のスムースレザー<br>【By Emotion限定カラー】ゴールド<br>左:レディースサイズ(約23~24cm) 右:メンズサイズ(約26~27cm)

Yamato Genuine Leather Room Sabo

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  • Excellent fit with manual finishing by all process craftsmen
  • Adopted in luxury hotels and high-class inns
  • Uses genuine leather made in Japan


Hard to take off and hard to slip. A special fit that fits barefoot

It ’s almost like forgetting that you ’re wearing it. A fit that gently wraps bare feet Room Sabo in pursuit of.

Good quality Made in Japan Cowhide Because it uses, it has a tight fit, but while wearing it like leather shoes Get used to the shape of your feet , Regardless of the season You can wear it for a long time.

Smooth leather (caramel) wearing image

Thick cushion on the heel Is included, Because the lining, insole, and outsole are made of artificial leather with short hair, Familiar with nature and bare feet, Hard to take off and hard to slip It has become. Therefore, even if you wear it for a long time, there is no stress and you do not feel any strain on your feet.

And because it is designed so that you can put your feet deeply No rattling noise , It is safe to go up and down stairs.

Although it is made of leather, the part that touches the foot Since silky brushed material (artificial leather) with short hair is used, there are times when humidity is a concern. Even if you wear it with bare feet, you can spend it comfortably without getting stuffy.

Room Sabo cross section

A long-established sandal maker pursuing comfort

It is Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, that handles room sabots that are particular about such comfort. 50 Yamato is a long-established sandal maker that has been around for over a year.

Cutting, insole / upper pasting, sewing, All processes are handmade by craftsmen Carefully finished with, called the last Molding with a wooden mold for a few days ..

All processes, handicraft finishing by craftsmen

The key to the fit is "molding" for several days using a wooden pattern.

It is said that there is almost no place where a sandal maker usually performs this process called molding, but Yamato continues to make uncompromising products from the initial "stickiness to ease of wearing" to the final molding. I am.

A pair born from the skillful technique as such a sandal maker and the track record of familiarizing Japanese feet. Now, because of its reliable quality, Luxury hotels and high-class inns It is also adopted in such cases.

Please experience the fit that sticks to your feet, which realizes the idea of "comfort close to bare feet and a sense of security that exceeds bare feet".

Leather material that fits your feet the more you wear it

By Emotion original color

By Emotion Then, in addition to the standard color of smooth leather, Limited edition silver and gold colors We have prepared. It has an elegant luster while having a gorgeous color. 2 The color is never too flashy and it is a pair that can be used for a long time.

This beautiful silver and gold color that was unlikely What you can get now By Emotion only.

It will make your home time more positive, and it is recommended as a gift for your home, as a gift for your loved ones such as wedding gifts, moving gifts, and new construction gifts.

By Emotion Limited Color Silver, Gold from the left

You can choose according to your preference 2 Seed leather type

The leather is smooth leather and wax leather. 2 type. The big difference is the color change and hardness.

Smooth leather with a pigment finish emphasizes softness. Wax leather is characterized by changes in texture over time. Smooth leather has a soft feel, and wax leather gives it an antique hue.

We asked Mr. Satoshi Tanio, a director of Yamato Co., Ltd., about the appeal of leather.

If you use it for a long time, you will find that genuine leather and synthetic leather are very different. Genuine leather doesn't look shabby even if it gets wrinkled or has a habit, and the more you use it, the more you become attached to it.

I would be happy if you could cherish it as your own irreplaceable pair.

Soft smooth leather

Smooth leather with a glossy soft leather.

Genuine leather is used for the instep, and the lining, insole and outsole are finished with artificial leather made by Okayama. The silky brushed material with short hair is hard to come off, it is not slippery, and it has a fit that wraps around the bare skin.

Color: camel

Wax leather to enjoy aging

Wax leather with an antique texture.

Leather made by ironing wax into tannins is a little harder than smooth leather at first, but it becomes familiar with each use and ages. (( Secular variation ) You can enjoy. In addition, the wax makes it resistant to dirt and water.

Color: camel

Behind the Scenes <Yamato>

Improve your home time from your feet to high quality.
Challenge of a long-established sandal maker

Now that I have more time at home, I think many people have shifted to the idea of "I want to spend a comfortable and comfortable time at home." We recommend it to such people, backed by many years of experience and advanced technology ...

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Distributor Yamato Co., Ltd.
Product name Reela Room Sabo
Material Cowhide (made in Japan), artificial leather (made in Okayama)
Size Women's F (approx. 23-24 cm)
Men's F (approx. 26-27 cm)
Shipping schedule We will ship within 10 business days after your order, excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included)

Nationwide uniform 1,000 yen

Free shipping for 2 or more pairs.

Repair We will accept repairs from 5,000 yen for long-term patronage. Please contact us if you wish.


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  • Please refrain from wearing shoes outdoors or forcibly as they are for indoor shoes only.
  • Please note that the color may change if exposed to sunlight for a long time.
  • Please avoid using in a hot and humid place.
  • Since natural materials are used for the instep, please use a cleaner (spray for brushed material) suitable for each material.