Thorough pursuit of chopsticks comfort
Japanese cutlery with outstanding mouth-to-mouth


SUGATA spoon / fork / knife set

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  • Simple and familiar design inspired by chopsticks
  • It is safe to put in your mouth because it is colored without using dye paint
  • White finish is a matte matte finish of our own technology, Black is an oxidative coloring finish that does not use paints or dyes, Silver is a mirror finish of the same level as the Nobel Prize banquet cutlery


Cutlery of "Japanese" instead of "Western"

Although you know that pasta, hamburger steak, and other foods you eat with a knife or fork, do you ever pick up chopsticks?

That should be it, Chopsticks culture is rooted in Asia including Japan , so chopsticks are closer than Western culture cutlery (spoon, knife, fork) Because it is an existence.

"SUGATA" was created with an eye on it.

Remove waste and realize an easy-to-eat shape from the viewpoint of ergonomics

To make Japanese cutlery , which is the opposite of Western cutlery that enjoys decoration,

  • Nakano Kagaku Co., Ltd.
  • , which boasts high technological capabilities in metal surface processing.
  • Yamazaki Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
  • to make cutlery for the Nobel Prize supper
  • Akiko Tsurumoto, a brand consultant / producer who has been involved in the art and design business all over the world
The three parties of

gathered and created it after more than two years of trial and error.

Even if you don't open your mouth wide, Men and women can easily get into your mouth, yet various people have enough depth to scoop up food. I pursued it while having it eaten.

At that time, place the center of gravity behind like chopsticks, and devise the thickness of the handle so that it naturally becomes at an angle that is easy to eat. did. Actually, the thickness of the handle is changed with a fork, a spoon, and a knife.

, says Mr. Nakano of Nakano Science.

Three different colors and tastes that do not use paint dyes

After trying various processing possessed by Nakano Kagaku, the following three types suitable for cutlery were selected. No paints or dyes are used, so it is safe to put in your mouth.

    • White
      Nakano Kagaku's original matte and matte treatment has been applied. With a matte and silky texture, it is especially recommended when eating sweets as well as regular meals.

    • Silver
      The same level of mirror finish as the cutlery used at the Nobel Prize banquet. It shines beautifully when pulled out of the cutlery storage rack.

    • Black
      Oxidation color development treatment is used to develop black color, not paint or dye. I made the top overseas chef groan, "I was looking for this kind of black."

From the left, White, Silver, Black

Precautions when using

  • Wash with a neutral detergent, and do not use bleach, acid detergent, alkaline detergent, etc.
  • The color is due to the oxide film on the stainless steel surface, so it will not come off. In addition, there is no deterioration or fading due to ultraviolet rays.
  • It has almost the same hardness as stainless steel, but it may be scratched if it is rubbed with a sharp object. Please use the dishwasher firmly fixed so that the dishes do not collide with each other. We recommend a neutral detergent for dishwashers.
  • When cleaning with a sponge, choose a soft one. Abrasives and hard materials will be scratched.



Distributor Nakano Kagaku Co., Ltd.
Product name SUGATA Spoon / Fork / Knife Set
Materials / Raw Materials Stainless Steel
Size Large spoon: 36mm x 190mm / Weight: 40g
Small spoon: 30mm x 140mm / Weight: 20g
Large fork: 24mm x 200mm / Weight: 40g
Small fork: 18mm x 145mm / Weight: 20g
Knife: 20mm x 220mm / Weight: 50g

3 colors (White / Silver / Black)

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