Delicate handiwork & elegant Japanese scent
Flowers in full bloom in the chest of drawers


Incense Temari Temari small box

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  • A room fragrance made with the culture "Temari" that has been passed down in Japan as a toy.
  • The pretty flower patterns and geometric patterns that are sewn with colorful cotton threads dyed with plant dyes are like a kaleidoscope.
  • The scent is prepared by a long-established fragrance store in Kyoto, using only natural scent ingredients.


I want to make a Temari like an important treasure.

This "Temari small box" was born from such a thought.

Enjoy the excitement of opening the

box, the lovely colors, the delicate handiwork, and the elegant Japanese scent .

Nine Temaris of different gradation cotton threads dyed with plant dyes were randomly placed, and a little gold thread was used for the overhang pattern. Every hand has a different expression, such as flowers, buds, and leaves in full bloom.

For scented interiors such as entrances and rooms. You can put it in the drawer of the chest of drawers and enjoy the scent of the kimono and clothes. It is also recommended as a gift for loved ones.

Formulated with an ancient Japanese scent

A Temari is a Temari made from rice husks and a core of natural incense ingredients. The scent is usually for over a year .

The incense raw material is sticking to the scent from ancient Japan using only natural incense raw material, mainly using sandalwood, choji, cinnamon bark, incense, and borneol. t11> Specially formulated by "Yamada Matsukagi store" in Kyoto. Because it is a long-established store that has been manufacturing products based on the tradition of "Japanese scent" since the Edo period, I feel that it goes well with Temari.

To make a scented ball, it is necessary to wind cotton thread around the core with just the feeling of a hand to make a true sphere of the same size Therefore, a difficult traditional technique is required.

3 colors (from left, indigo, Akane, Kariyasu)

A beautiful Temari rooted in traditional techniques

"Sanuki Kagari Temari" is a culture that has been loved and carefully inherited by women in Kagawa.

The Temari, which is made by dyeing cotton thread with vegetation and gently wrapping it one by one, is as beautiful as a kaleidoscope. You can feel the warmth and abundance born from the blessings of nature and the work of your hands.

The Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Workshop is the one that protects the culture of "Temari", which is disappearing from everyday life, and adds new charm as a craft. We are proposing new ways to enjoy Temari, not only by looking at them, but also by wanting them to become familiar with us in our daily lives.

Please enjoy the Temari with colorful and soft dignity in your life.

Behind the Scenes

The blessings of nature and the hands of humans
Beautiful colorful "Temari"

Kagawa has a culture that is loved and carefully inherited by women. One of them is "Sanuki Kagari Temari". It is a local toy of Kagawa. The pretty flower pattern and geometric pattern drawn with colorful threads are ...

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Creator Sanuki Kagari Temari Preservation Society
Title of work Temari Temari small box
Material Natural incense raw material, rice husk, thin paper, cotton thread
Box size Length 8.4 cm x Width 8.4 cm x Height 3.5 cm
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