Feel in "Hagi's Seven Ghosts"
The joy of using it for a long time

Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup
Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup
Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup
Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup
Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup
Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup

Zenemon Sakakura Hagi ware chamfered teacup

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Hagi-yaki teacup that makes a special time for a relaxing break

A hot water drink made by a Hagi ware potter for himself after receiving an order. This teacup with an impressive pale pink gradation is a soft and simple work that feels the warmth of the soil, which is typical of Hagi ware. The gentle atmosphere created is calming just by looking at it.

It's perfect for working at home or when you want to take a break, and you can enjoy a special feeling for everyday use of coffee or tea.

Also, with a feeling of size that fits in your palm, you will want to combine various things other than drinks.

The diagonally chamfered shape is characterized by , which fits well in the hand and is very easy to hold . Each piece is cut with a wire, and the shape is slightly different due to manual work.

In addition, the color of the baked product may change accidentally. This is a phenomenon called "kiln change", which is a change in color or pattern caused by the nature of the flame in the kiln or the substances contained in the glaze. This phenomenon is also called "accidental coloring" in English and makes the work more tasty.

The deep part of the pottery is that the creator does not know what kind of color it has until it is taken out of the kiln. The same work does not exist as one.

A work finished in a bluish hue

"Hagi no Nanakake" that increases in taste as you use it

Hagi ware is a traditional craft that you can enjoy changing over time. As you use it, small cracks called "penetration" enter the surface and the color changes. This transition peculiar to Hagi ware, called "Hagi no Nanakake," teaches us the joy and joy of using it for a long time.

Why don't you keep it for a long time and feel the heart of Wabi-Sabi?

Behind the Scenes

Creating a "tradition" means building a new one while valuing the old one. Mr. Zenemon Sakakura, a potter of Hagi ware who is not good at talking about himself, says so ...

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Distributor Zenemon Sakakura
Size Approximately 7.5cm wide × Depth 7.5cm × Height 7.5cm
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Hokkaido: 1,540 yen
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Kanto, Shinetsu: 1,100 Yen
Hokuriku, Tokai: 970 Yen
Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu: 870 Yen
Okinawa Prefecture: 1,230 Yen


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