Refreshing mellow body rejoices
Fermented fruits as well as juice

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Shobun vinegar Drinking fruit vinegar set

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  • The fruit is slowly fermented, so it has a mild acidity. Increase your appetite with sourness


The hot season from June to September is said to be when the body wants the most sourness in a year .

In such a case, I would like you to keep "drinking vinegar" in the refrigerator. It is said that it is also good for summer heat fatigue because the acidity promotes saliva secretion and stimulates appetite .

The vinegar that Shobun vinegar drinks is not only mixed with brewed vinegar and fruit juice, but the fruits that can be fermented are based on the fermented fruit vinegar . No sweets or fragrances are used, and , fruit juice, honey, sugar and other sweets are blended.

Furthermore, since fruit vinegar is slowly fermented by the traditional static fermentation method, has a mild acidity and has less pungent sourness. , It is devised to be easy to drink.

If you feel tired or want to refresh yourself, please take it.

■ Type

  • Strawberries (included in a set of 5)
    We use domestic strawberries, and manually remove the strawberries that have just arrived from the producer . Besides drinking, it can be used for dressing, strawberry jelly, ice topping, cake sauce, etc. Add a little to the pasta sauce and you'll have a slightly cold strawberry pasta.

  • Grape (included in a set of 5)
    Based on wine vinegar, finished with grape juice. Dilute 5 times with cold water, milk, carbonated water, etc. and enjoy. It can also be used for berry jam.

  • Yuzu (included in a set of 5)
    Based on "pure rice vinegar" made from domestic rice, only honey and yuzu juice are added. rice field. Dilute 3-4 times with cold or carbonated water before drinking. You can enjoy it deliciously even when it is hot.

  • Ginger (included in a set of 5)
    Women are happy with Collagen-containing , and ginger is made in Japan. increase. Dilute 4 to 5 times with cold water or carbonated water before drinking. You can enjoy it deliciously even when it is hot.

  • Apple (included in the set of 5 and 3)
    Honey etc. are added to the base of pure apple cider vinegar. Dilute 5 times with cold water, milk, carbonated water, etc. and enjoy. It is a popular drink for children and the elderly. It can also be used after sports and as vinegar before cooking.

  • Soy apples (included in a set of 3)
    A well-balanced combination of essential amino acids that are good for the body, with a low-sweetness, low-calorie healthy drink, especially Recommended drinking vinegar for women . All are domestic. Dilute with cold water or carbonated water, milk, soy milk, etc. about 3 times and enjoy.

    Can be used as a dessert vinegar for ice cream or fruits. It is delicious even if you divide the undiluted solution with ice, and it is also recommended to drink it in soy milk or vegetable juice.

    Please enjoy the original taste and sweetness of vinegar and apple juice made from long-term fermented and aged and statically fermented soybeans.

  • Kurozu apple (included in a set of 3)
    Organic brown rice Kurozu with domestic apple juice and honey added Easy-to-drink Kurozu . Dilute with cold water or carbonated water, milk, soy milk, etc. about 3 times and enjoy. You can enjoy it by boiling it in meat or fruit as a sweet and sour sauce, or by sprinkling it on yogurt or ice cream as it is.

Behind the Scenes

The connection between humans and bacteria with a warehouse.
"Raising" that lasts for 300 years

Where did your ancestors live and do 300 years ago? Seitaro Takahashi, a shobun vinegar founded in Enokizu, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, who can answer this question that would be difficult for many people to answer ...

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Distributor Shobunzu Co., Ltd.
Product name Drinking fruit vinegar set
Raw material name Strawberry: Fruit vinegar (strawberry vinegar), sugar, honey, strawberry juice, brewed vinegar (purple vinegar)
Grape: Honey (domestic production), grape vinegar, sugar, grape juice, brewed vinegar
Yuzu: Honey, Yuzu juice, Rice vinegar
Ginger: Sugar (domestic production), rice vinegar, ginger, honey, fish collagen peptide (gelatin)
Apple: Honey (made in Japan), apple cider vinegar, apple juice
Soybean apples: rice vinegar (rice / soybeans), apple juice
Kurozu apple: Organic rice Kurozu (domestic production), honey, apple juice
Contents 200ml per bottle
How to save Please save away from direct sunlight. Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume as soon as possible after dilution. * Precipitation derived from raw materials may occur or the color may become darker, but there is no problem with the quality.
How to drink How to drink and the degree of dilution differ depending on the vinegar. Please check the product label for details.
Shipping Schedule We will ship within 7 business days after your order, excluding weekends and holidays.
Shipping fee (tax included) Hokkaido / 2,310 yen
North Tohoku / South Tohoku / 1,320 yen
Kanto / 1,100 yen
Shinetsu / Hokuriku / 1,210 yen
Chubu / 990 yen
Kansai / 880 yen
China / 770 yen
Shikoku / 880 yen
Kyushu / 550 yen
Okinawa / 1,650 yen
In the case of remote islands, a separate weight fee may be charged. Please note.


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