A fit that you want to sit forever
The final point of sitting comfort

Takumi Kogei Yamanami Chair
Takumi Kogei Yamanami Chair
Takumi Kogei Yamanami Chair
Takumi Kogei Yamanami Chair
Takumi Kogei Yamanami Chair

Takumi Kogei Yamanami Chair

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  • Curve design that sticks to the fit of the waist
  • Oak wood from Hokkaido, Zhangji that can be selected from all 43 types
  • Asahikawa's wood specialist manufacturer x world-famous designer co-produced


An exquisite curve fit that gently wraps around the waist

It ’s like forgetting that it ’s a tree. A gentle fit on the waist ..

The curve of the backrest supports it so that it wraps around your waist, and when you sit down, you naturally entrust yourself. "Soft" on the back It is a chair. The seat surface is also curved to match the buttocks, making it a design that enhances sitting comfort.

High-quality oak from Hokkaido is also used as the material. The upholstery of the seat is Combine cloth and leather all 43 You can choose from the types.

Designed with a focus on millimeters, seeking furniture such as "extension of the body"

"Takumi Kogei" is a specialized manufacturer of wooden furniture that is said to be "a longing for young craftsmen" in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Since its founding 40 The "Yamanami Chair" designed by Mikiya Kobayashi, a leading Japanese product designer, and craftsmanship cultivated over many years.

"This work is different from the others from the drawings, and I was surprised at the comfort of sitting at the stage of the first prototype," says Mr. Kuwahara of Takumi Kogei. I recall that even the craftsmen who mainly deal with products such as chairs and tables were surprised at the design that fits Mr. Kobayashi's body gently.

"Chairs, sofas, etc." Furniture that entrusts the body is an extension of the body Based on Mr. Kobayashi's idea, the parts that come into contact with the body are made by carving out solid wood so that it fits gently on the body.

Kobayashi-san's commitment to millimeters is also included in the overall balance so that it fits into the living space.

The legs are 2mm thinner so that the back legs look longer.

It is designed considering the harmony with the space and the balance when using it with 2 or 4 legs.

Encounter with a group of craftsmen full of love for manufacturing

Takumi Kogei and Mr. Kobayashi's efforts are in Asahikawa 3 A year 1 It was triggered by an encounter at a furniture design competition that was held frequently. Normally, furniture design is often carried out by designers who are good at the knowledge of wood that each manufacturer has in-house, and it is said that it was a rare opportunity for Mr. Kobayashi.

2008 After meeting at the design competition of the year, "Opening up new possibilities for craftsmanship" yamanami "Series 2014 Born in the year. This series, which features a gentle form and a simple structure, including this work, is said to have been inspired by Daisetsuzan, who watches over the Takumi Kogei workshop.

Mr. Kobayashi said that his overwhelming passion for manufacturing, which he felt through his efforts with Takumi Kogei, was impressive.

I think that Takumi Kogei's manufacturing environment is the best in Japan. And everyone was full of passion for manufacturing, and even when they drank, they talked about chairs and furniture until around 3 o'clock in the middle of the night.

Mr. Kobayashi describes furniture design as "design that is comfortable to use."

A gentle fit that supports the body, carefully created by craftsmen who can make chairs without drawings.

For a chair that keeps your body for a long time, you want to choose a chair that makes you want to sit for a long time.

Zhangji with 15 kinds and 50 colors to choose from


We offer 42 colors of 13 types, from F1 grade, which has both high quality design and cost performance, to F3 grade, which is particular about quality.





You can choose from 8 colors of 2 types, L1 grade, which is characterized by a uniform finish, and L2 grade, which is attractive for its natural feel using high quality raw leather. Leather is a natural material, so please enjoy the natural marks (wrinkles, repair scratches, etc.) as one of your personalities.



Behind the Scenes <Takumi Kogei>

Manufacturing is "comfort"
Asahikawa furniture workshop that craftsmen long for

Do you know a furniture maker called "the longing of young craftsmen"? It is a craftsmanship with a workshop in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. In the northern part overlooking Daisetsuzan, we have been making wooden furniture centered on chairs and tables, sticking to handicrafts for more than 40 years ...

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Distributor Takumi Kogei
Product name Yamanami Chair
Size Width 595 x Thickness D525 x Length 715 x Seat height 430mm
Material Oak, walnut
Painting Urethane clear
Zhangji Fabric, leather
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