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サイズ:幅 65×高さ 7.5×奥行き 12cm
サイズ:幅 65×高さ 7.5×奥行き 12cm
サイズ:幅 65×高さ 7.5×奥行き 12cm
サイズ:幅 65×高さ 7.5×奥行き 12cm
DENON sound bar
DENON sound bar

DENON sound bar

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We have secured a small number of popular soundbars that have been in short supply due to production delays due to a global shortage of semiconductors. Please enjoy the immersive viewing experience at home.

Soundbar, an indispensable tool for an immersive viewing experience

In recent years, the sales volume of home appliances "Soundbar" has been increasing. At first glance, it's a horizontally long speaker, but the soundbar is TV And movies, live concerts, games, etc. A tool that increases immersiveness and immersiveness and dramatically improves the viewing experience is.

Behind the continuous expansion of needs is TV However, with the increase in the quality of audio compared to video, and the enhancement of video / music streaming services and game content, the screen has become larger and the image quality has become thinner, but they have become thinner. TV And the number of people who enjoy using monitors has increased. In addition, the increase in home hours due to the influence of the new coronavirus from last year has spurred this trend.

Actually, the volume zone of the sound bar is 2 10,000 yen level. Some of them are relatively inexpensive with limited functions, but they have high sound quality and are overwhelming. 3D I would like to recommend Denon's new sound bar, where you can enjoy the sound.

The first time I interviewed Denon Home Sound Bar 550 2020 Year 12 Moon. Toward the launch in the spring of the following year 8 It was about to be completed, and we were about to enter the "in-house battle".

Shinichi Yamauchi, the only sound master in the company at Denon OK If it does not come out, it will not be commercialized. The sound quality is measured with data, but the final check is left to the human ear. Even if the data is the same, the sound is clearly different, and there are things that do not appear digitally. The development team who have created the best of technology and improved the sound quality and the sound master who tests it. In order to exceed the expectations of audiophiles, a serious and uncompromising game will be a “battle”.

Denon is HiFi, while home appliance makers are struggling to surpass AV A high-end sound bar created by putting in the know-how of amplifier design. It will realize a life where you can enjoy the sound even more.

Features of Denon Home Sound Bar 550

○ Bass reproduction, pure and straight sound

It is compatible with Dolby Atmos / DTS: X, and the sound bar alone has a lot of realism. 3D A sound experience is possible.

Keep an eye on the development costs of high-quality video content Amazon Prime Video or Netflix Also videos produced by each streaming service Dolby Atmos The environment for enjoying movies at home is becoming more and more established. Traditionally, "home theater systems" were expensive and complicated, but you can enjoy immersive bass with this soundbar alone.

○ Functions that make it easier to hear Dialog enhancer

It is a function that adjusts only the volume of human voice, such as news, narration, and movie lines, to make it easier to hear. 3 levels of adjustment are possible with the remote control.

○ Small size and high sound quality

Compact size compared to not only Denon but also conventional soundbars on the market. TV Not only is it easy to fit underneath, but you can also enjoy music in various spaces.

size: 650 x 75 x 120 mm 3.5kg

○ Enjoy music with high sound quality

Spotify and Amazon Music HD , Play internet radio, USB Play memory. Because it also supports Air Play 2 iPhone or Mac Of course, high-quality sound reproduction is also possible.

○ Expandability to real surround

By additionally installing two speakers of the same Denon Home series as rear speakers, it is possible to expand to a 4ch real surround system. You can also enjoy multi-room music by using it with an AV receiver, network audio player, and mini system that support the original network technology HEOS.

* Supported by firmware update

Real surround (sound bar + speaker) example

○ Voice control

You can call Alexa with the built-in microphone of the Denon Home Sound Bar 550. For example, you can operate the unit by saying "Alexa, turn up (down)".

○ Easy connection

All you have to do is connect the HDMI cable to the TV (monitor) and soundbar on the back.

The back of the main unit

How to connect to TV



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1. Overview

External dimensions Width 650 x Height 75 x Depth 120 mm
Mass 3.5 kg
Power supply AC100-120V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 50W

19mm tweeter × 2

55mm midbus × 4

2. Input / output terminals

HDMI (input / output) 1/1 (4K, Dolby Vision, HDR10, ARC, eARC, CEC)
Optical digital input × 1
Network × 1
USB-A input × 1
AUX input x 1 (3.5mm stereo mini jack)

3. Surround technology

Supported audio formats Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, MPEG-4 AAC, Linear PCM
Sound mode Pure, Movie, Music, Night t4> ○ (Low / Mid / High)

4. Wireless technology


2.4GHz (11b / g / n)

5GHz (11a / n / ac)

Bluetooth ○ (SBC) 5. HEOS technology

Music streaming service Amazon Music HD, AWA, Spotify, SoundCloud
Internet Radio ○ (TuneIn)
Voice Control Alexa Built-in, Siri (HomeKit)
AirPlay 2

6. Accessories


× 1 (Built-in battery) × 1
かんたんスタートガイド     ×1                                                                                                      
HDMIケーブル x 1 (1.5m)
Wall-mounted spacer x 2
Remote control
Optical digital cable x 1 (1.5m)
Power cord
Wall-mounted template × 1


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